Chris KerwinChris Kerwin – Lead Vocals/Guitar

Born in Dorchester, England, raised in Canada, Chris Kerwin is focused on poetry, lyrical structure, elaborate harmonic melody and fringe English folk music of the late 60’s and 70’s. His musical style reflects his love for the natural world, mysticism and the quest for a deeper knowing through reflective writing. Notable influences being The Doors, John Martyn and Nick Drake.


Terry O’BrienTerry O’Brien – Lead Vocals/Guitar

Proud of his Irish heritage, Terry draws from his European background and early sounds of the 60’s and brings it together with his modern Canadian Indie inspired rock. Focusing his attention on elaborate chord progressions, he brings an artistic and dynamic edge to the creation of Tribe Royal’s sound.


Bram Al-NajjarBram Al-Najjar – Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals

Born and raised in Canada, Bram learned to play bass and guitar in his teen years and has been pushing the envelope ever since. His intricate guitar style carries over to the bass as he is always looking to keep things interesting and dynamic. His influences vary and he is always looking for new music to listen to and share with the rest of the band.


Mike GiamberardinoMike Giamberardino – Drums

A studious musician by trade, Mike has been playing on recordings for Ottawa based artists for several years. As the last member to join Tribe Royal, he brings with him a versatile multi-instrumental skillset and experience in the professional industry, as well as an accomplished and on-going musical education. His vision and understanding of popular music brings an unashamedly accurate and perceptive element to song development.

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