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Tribe Royal is a Canadian roots-rock band based in the nation’s capital city of Ottawa. At the core of the Tribe are three unique singing voices that can be layered for 3-part harmony, or woven to create imaginative counterpoints. Their sound and songs have a nostalgic feeling to them, introspective yet vibrant; grounded in the honest experiences and youthful memories.
Tribe Royal And Its Symphony of Online Casino Games

“ If you like: The Sheepdogs, CCR, The Allman Brothers Band - Ottawa alternative folk rock band Tribe Royal may not have been alive during the ’60s and ’70s, but that doesn’t stop them from being apart of the revival. The indie four piece turn back the clocks with generous harmonies, vintage rock groove, and sing-along melodies reminiscent of the pioneering days of Americana and folk rock “  Dusty Organ (2016)

A vibrant blend of vocal harmony, tasteful melody, and punchy rhythm are just some of the elements that make up the fresh and unique sound of Ottawa based Tribe Royal.  From high-energy anthems to introspective ballads; their sound transcends the many genres it encompasses and has the listener moving or moved. The hooks catch hold while the message hits home.
The Tribe Royal - Melodies of Online Gambling Chance

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