Tribe Royal: Featured Act on Live At Heart 2019 (09/04/2019)

Go To: Live at Heart releases new international acts for this year's festival

Live at the Heart Festival begins the week of releasing artists from twelve different countries to this year's edition of the festival. “It feels incredibly fun that there is such a strong international interest in Live at Heart. We have applications from all over the world and my hope is that this year's 10th anniversary will be more international than ever before,”says Magnus Tunmats, COO for Live at Heart. Among the festival's new bookings are recognized Tribal Royal from Canada. The band played at Live at Heart for the first time last year and were then booked to Live at Heart Newfoundland and to the world's largest festival Summerfest in Milwaukee. After that, their careers has taken off and the band is up to date with gigs at Westway Lab in Portugal and Midem in France before Örebro gets them back to Live at Hearts 10th anniversary. Complete release: Skaar, Norway Enok Amrani, Norway Kira Mac, Great Britain The Recks, Guernsey Nik/Novakovic, Germany The Razzzones, Germany Lane Of Lion, Germany Prinz Grizzley, Austria Mary PopKids, Hungary Myra Monoka, Hungary Saverne, Hungary Martin Harich, Slovakia Roni Dot, Israel Old Fashioned Lover Boy, Italy Ilaria Graziano & Francesco Forni, Italy Tribe Royal, Canada My Son the Hurricane, Canada This Frontier Needs Heroes, USA NUSSY, Australia Ha the Unclear, New Zealand


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